Sunrise Soul Flow, Tues + Thurs at 7am

Wake and glow Tuesday and Thursday mornings in Angel’s Bhakti Reiki Flow. Through movement meditation and vinyasa flow we manifest magic, grounding intention in this Now through the marriage of the breath and body flow, ending with a Reiki healing Savasana. Nourish your body and your soul in this heart-centered practice to start your day in a vibration of love, healing and gratitude - an asana practice for our yoga in the world.

Angel’s nurturing heart vibrates with joy, creating an energy of love and support. Her greatest goal is to empower others to realize their own innate healing potential through yoga, movement meditation and Reiki energy healing. She was first introduced to yoga as a physical practice but quickly found that yoga was healing her heart as well as her body. Angel’s personal yoga practice parallels her eleven years working as a researcher in the field of early childhood trauma, working with adults and children to write their own unique healing stories through connection with Self and with Source. These experiences together led her to pursue a new way of working with others, of walking the healing path hand and hand through living yoga.

This path was illuminated after an extended trip to Bali, where she found her Guru in the spirit of the people. When she returned she had the blessing of learning Reiki energy healing, what she feels is a gift of understanding the way we impact others, how we impact our worlds and the body’s ability to heal itself. She had dreamed of becoming a yoga teacher since that first class many years ago, but was patiently waiting for her teacher to appear; when she visited the Shala for the first time she knew she had found her yoga home. Angel had the honor of practicing with and receiving certification from Govind Das and is overwhelmed with Gratitude to join the family of Bhakti Yoga Shala. Together Bhakti and Reiki have created a complete shakeup mosaic of her skills and desires into a career that fuels her heart and soul. Her greatest desire is to share her rose colored glasses, walking the path with others searching to live in their highest light and love.


Suggested donation $10-$15

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