Asheya lives to serve Love and the awakening of all hearts! She began the practice of the physical asanas, along with kirtan and meditation, ten years ago and is now dedicated to living yoga in every moment - each breath is union with the Beloved. She is a compassionate, nurturing guide on the path and draws upon the wisdom of her own self-love journey. Asheya infuses her classes with Bhakti, Reiki healing, meditation, connection to Mother Earth, and playful & creative sequencing. Together, let us make the choice to rejoice and uplift this planet in the highest vibration of Love!

Yin/Yang Flow and Restore (75 minutes) Mondays 1pm
We play with the divine balance of feminine/masculine, lunar/solar, yin/yang through a journey of asanas (postures). We begin with guided meditation while in a restorative pose. Then we build up the energy through an empowering vinyasa flow. Finally, we slow down and melt into deeply relaxing yin and restorative postures. Nurture and balance all aspects of your being with this practice rooted in self-love.

Chakra Vinyasa (75 minutes) Wednesday 1pm | Friday 9am | Sunday 8am
Each class is an immersion into one of the seven chakra energy centers. We awaken and harmonize our chakras through chanting, mudras, toning the Bija seed syllable sound, visualization and an ecstatic flow of asanas (postures) accessible to all levels. Each student is gifted a Reiki-attuned crystal that is particular to the chakra of the week. We start with the Muladhara root chakra and its presiding deity Ganesha. The following week is the Svadhishthana sacral chakra and Lakshmi. Then the Manipura solar plexus chakra and Ram. Followed by the Anahata heart chakra and Hanuman. Next is the Vishudda throat chakra and Saraswati. Then the Ajna third eye chakra and Krishna. We end with the Sahasrara crown chakra and Shiva, then start the whole cycle over again! This practice of attuning to your chakras opens doorways to your inner world and the many treasures within.

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Suggested donation $10-$15

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