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Lisa was introduced 14 years ago to her first yoga class taught by Govindas in a style of yoga that touched her heart, soul & mind. This became a turning point in her soul's path and life's journey. She immediately became devoted to the path of Bhakti Yoga which has been called “yoga of the heart” and the path of love, service and devotion to the divine. For the last 15 years Lisa has endeavored to become an accomplished Astrologer & Counselor. Concurrently, Lisa has been an instructor of The Artist Way, a long-term practitioner of Transcendental Meditation and a student of the Metaphysical Philosophy under the mentorship of a Shaman.

In 2008 she took her first Certified Teacher Training course with Annie Carpenter of YogaWorks. In 2010 she completed her Teacher Training course with Govindas at the Bhakti Yoga Shala. Her experience deepened her devotion, service and love to even greater heights and ignited the experience of her other soul’s love as a musician & singer in the expression of Kirtan which is sacred chanting of prayer.

Lisa’s classes embrace a healing hatha vinyasa flow deeply rooted to breath and bhakti designed to empower, nourish and balance the body, mind, heart & soul. Lisa has formed a unique ability to instruct to the vibration and consciousness of those in attendance in her classes as well as to the planetary forces at hand. Her teaching style gently guides each student to discover their own individual yoga practice. All classes are blended with the sacred healing style of Kirtan/chanting & prayer.

All levels will find Lisa’s classes healing, rejuvenating and restorative to their total being.

Friday’s at 4:30pm Astrology meets Yoga!
Yoga means union. When we align our Bodies, Chakras & Auric fields with the planetary energies, we enhance the opportunity to co-create love, wealthe, happiness, peace and healing not only for ourselves but for others in the Universe and the Universe itself. Each class will vary according to the current planetary energies at hand. Come empower yourself by aligning with the highest possible Celestial Rhythms of the Universe.

Yin Gentle Flow
Monday’s at 8:30pm

Yin is the feminine force of the creator God which is known for gentle loving-kindness and compassion. We will connect with the Yin of Bhakti Yoga, which is a slower deeper connection to breath, and to one’s inner core of total being. A meditative practice to soothe the emotions and the body by balancing both the Yin and the Yang energies mixed with longer passive holds to deeply stretch the body and facilitate a true letting go into a profound state of grounding, relaxation, insight and stillness. This class is open to all and is a wonderful medicine to counter the anxiety that comes with the fast paced modern day life. All classes are blended with the sacred healing style of Kirtan/chanting & prayer.


Suggested donation $10-$15

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