with Govind Das & Radha

November 20th-28th, 2020 • Rishikesh India | November 28th-December 2nd • Vrindavan

To Register for this retreat please email BHAKTIYOGASHALA@GMAIL.COM

Come join us on this spiritual pilgrimage of a lifetime to Mother India!!!

We will stay in 2 different areas of the yoga capital of the world: Rishikesh India. Rishikesh is the gateway to the Himalayas, International capital of yoga, and spiritual center that has attracted yogis for millennia.

We will practice yoga every day, sing kirtan, visit holy temples, do puja, sit with sadhus and holymen, meditate and chant at the banks of the holy river Ganga, enjoy most delicious indian ayurvedic vegetarian cuisine, and shop in the world-class markets.

To Register for this retreat please email BHAKTIYOGASHALA@GMAIL.COM

To Register for this retreat please email BHAKTIYOGASHALA@GMAIL.COM

Daily Schedule:

6:00am wakeup/tea
6:30am sunrise meditation
7am sunrise chanting/kirtan
7:30am journaling
8:00am tea/fruit
8:30-10:30am Bhakti Vinyasa flow yoga
11am: Lunch and Free time, Ayurvedic Massages and Treatments, Visiting Temples, Workshops, Excursions,
5pm Sunset Kirtan, Yin style yoga, Pranayama, dharma talks and meditation
7pm dinner, evening chill time, music, kirtan

The two accommodations we will stay in the surrounding area of Rishikesh:
The Sattva Retreat and Spa | Rainforest Guest House
Reviews of Rainforest Guest House

Messsage from Govind Das:

Hi Beloved Friends! Thank you for your interest in coming with us to India. I feel so blessed and truly honored to be able to lead this retreat again. This will be the 10th spiritual retreat to India that I have led, the first time since 2005. For a yogi/yogini, India is truly a holy land. land of the dharma. It is the Mother where all of these great yoga practices and wisdom have traditionally been born from. We are spiritually evolving greatly here in the west, and on many levels, we have India to thank. I truly can't explain how it feels to practice yoga, meditate, and chant in India. All I can say is authentic and deep... And yes, even many parts of India have been swept away by the western fast paced ways of modern living, yet at its core India is a mystical land. And its timeless spiritual tradition is one of the Self. The Self is represented through the familiar symbols and images of Gods and Goddesses seen everywhere, like Ganesha, Shiva, Durga, Krishna and the all pervading sound of OM...

The importance of retreat is to step outside of our daily routine and responsibilities with the intention of deep rejuvenation, spiritual reconnection and upliftment. When we add in the Bhakti practices, an ayurvedic diet, and the sense of community and friendship, it can be truly a life altering and vibrationally raising experience. This has been my experience in the greatest of ways.

I have personally been to India 10 times. During my trips I have many times visited the great holy land of Rishikesh. You will see that the accommodations in the pictures and through the links are amazingly comfortable with all of the necessities. Clean and comfortable rooms, water filtration, Restaurant, Ayurvedic Spas, Doctor, etc. are a few of the amenities that are either on premises or very close by. We will reside 5 nights in each of the retreat centers. We will follow a schedule each day to harness our energies (see schedule). The culture of India is absolutely magical! Along with our daily sadhana and practices we will surely plan excursions to visit the local markets and Hindu Temples, and historical spiritual and cultural centers.

India is a far off land. But all I can say is it is well worth the travel! We will do whatever we can to make this excursion as safe and simple for you as possible. The price of $2500 does NOT include airfare. It does include lodging, food and yoga. As well the price does not include spa treatments, personal excursions, etc. Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

As in any travel there is potential risk. Please be aware of all possible risks by doing as much research as possible. Many people take shots and vaccines before going to a foreign land. If you feel inspired to do this, I think it is a good idea. We are going to a clean yogic environment, yet is entirely up to you whether it is something that you want to do. Again, do the research! We surely recommend travel insurance that you can purchase from the travel agent that you buy your tickets from.

We will meet at the Sattva Spa and Retreat center in Rishikesh after noon on November 20. To get to Rishikesh, fly into Dehradun Airport from most Indian International Airports(New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, and Chennai) and then hire a taxi to retreat center(approximately a 30 minute ride). You can book a taxi directly from The Sattva Center(email through their website).

On the early morning of November 24 will take taxi/bus to the our second retreat center where I have visited many years Rainforest Guest House.

Through Google, you can find many online Travel Agents that specialize in flights to India. With a little research, you can find some great rates.

As well a tourist visa is needed to enter the country of India. Pls purchase this at:

Pls Come join us on this transformational, uplifting, and joyful retreat! Together in community we will bathe in the nectar of one of the planet's oldest authentic living spiritual traditions and culture.

If you have any further question please don't hesitate to ask. We truly hope you can join us on this mystical adventure into the Heart! With great love and respect! 310.804.9290

Govind Das

owner/director Bhakti Yoga Shala

To Register for this retreat please email BHAKTIYOGASHALA@GMAIL.COM

To Register for this Retreat


Nov. 20th-28th

Nov. 28th-Dec. 2nd



Rainforest Guest House
• Reviews

The Sattva Retreat and Spa


Rishikesh - $2500
(Airfare not included)

Vrindavan - $800

• Deposit of $1000 due now to reserve spot

• Final Payment is due by November 1.

Payments can be made by cash, check(to Bhakti Yoga Shala), credit card(add 3% service charge/fee), or through PayPal (add 5% service charge/fee)

Please contact Govind Das at BHAKTIYOGASHALA@GMAIL.COM to reserve your spot


A tourist visa is required to enter India. Pls purchase visa HERE


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