January 11 - March 15, 2020


Meeting Times: Saturdays and Sundays 12:30pm-5:30pm

Price $1500 (Payment Plans Avail. Pls email BHAKTIYOGASHALA@GMAIL.COM)

The BHAKTI YOGA SHALA Teacher Training is a rich, heart opening, and soulful Teacher Training program for aspiring and current teachers and serious yet playful students of yoga. This unique and uplifting course will focus on the ancient tradition of Bhakti Yoga as well as Bhakti Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Mantras and Kirtan.

In honoring the ancient tradition and art of Bhakti, the path of love, devotion and service, this course will provide a strong foundation and clear techniques for the student of yoga to transform into a teacher of yoga. As well those that are currently teaching yoga will root themselves deeply in the philosophy and techniques of Bhakti.

The participant will be supported in their own evolution as a spiritual guide/leader and in cultivating his/her ability to share their own unique voice and wisdom with others. In the spirit of service to humanity, the participant will be encouraged to offer themselves as a healing and uplifting presence to the world.

This heart-based joyful program offers an opportunity for students to deepen their own bhakti-based yoga practice, practice teaching yoga classes, lead mantra chants, study philosophy and share the blessings of bhakti yoga and satsang in a very loving and supportive atmosphere.

This 200 hour Teacher Training program will consist of 100 contact hours(hours we spend together in daily class setting in at Bhakti Yoga Shala: 10 hours per weekend for 10 weekends. As well 80 hours will be spent at home during or after we finish the training doing home sadhana or daily spiritual practice. The last 20 hours of the training will consist of observing yoga classes at your local yoga studio/gym. At the successful completion of the 200 hours the student will be offered a Teaching Certificate authorized by Bhakti Yoga Shala director Govind Das.

* the art of vinyasa yoga sequencing
* how to teach (and practice teaching) a bhakti vinyasa flow yoga class with a heart opening and uplifting vibration
* how to integrate bhakti, kirtan, mantra, and philosophy into a vinyasa yoga class
* how to lead kirtan (no previous musical experience necessary)
* meanings of mantras and a deeper exploration of the Gods/Goddesses from the bhakti tradition
* study of the sacred teachings/texts: Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Yoga Sutra of Patanjali
* study of the lives and teachings of the great yogic saints and masters
* the integration of yoga and business/yoga teacher as right livelihood

***As you can see from above, there is a tremedous amount of topics/wisdom that will be covered
We will be taking a deep yogic journey into the body, mind and heart together.
• Please only serious students apply, the participant will have daily homework, reading, writing,  self-practice and exploration.
• All of this will be a practice of your own intense dedication and devotion.
• It is our firm belief that great students become great teachers!!! This is what we want for you!! Our planet needs you right now...

Govindas's Bhakti Yoga Shala's teachers training is like nothing I've ever experienced before. The knowledge of yogic philosophy, Kirtan chanting, hatha yoga, and the true essence of Bhakti yoga, are all passed down from Govindas in the most sincere manner. My personal yoga practice and teaching will be forever enriched. I have a new vigor within my yoga practice, as well as within my musical expression. I feel Govindas's teacher training is a spiritual, physical, and mental wellspring to dive into. New territories within my heart and soul have been peeled open wide. I've told several friends about his TT, and they've already filled out an application for his TT to come. I feel blessed to of been in such a life changing class, and will always reflect back on the intimacy that was created within the "Bhakti Tribe" as sacred and celebratory. 

Thank you Govindas for being a true teacher within the yogic community. Your teaching will resonate within me as I venture forward to share what I have learned from y
- Tara Napoli

"Colours of the rainbow can not even explain how beautiful the experience it was to be under your wing, learning the foundation of being an EPIC yoga teacher was like the depths of the ocean, the pulse of the heart, the truth of the earth. This experience gave me a new family, a complete connection to universe, clarity, and abundance of hummingbirds. I can now stand strong as the powerful goddess I am.

To your beautiful soul, spirit, and teachings. You my dear brother, friend, teacher have given me the path as a bhakti, bhakti yoga teacher and 'that' I will forever EMBRACE."
Shorty Shakti shakti Brown

"Words cannot describe the transformation that took place within myself amongst the group of 24 other Bhakti Yoga Shala teacher trainees. The divine shined through us as we sat together weekly over the coarse of three months chanting, learning, and deepening our practice. The tools I walked away with from this training was a beautiful way of life, a deeper understanding of my path, and an amazing family I know I can always keep in my heart. I am grateful for the sacred and safe environment that was created to actually teach my fellow students week by week with a classical format to turn to as a new teacher. As the facilitator, Govindas carefully taught his knowledge from the heart where it felt pure, true, and authentic. Om Nama Shivaya!"
- Laura Todd, Santa Monica

"Participating in the teacher training at the Bhakti Yoga Shala was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Govindas is a true leader that pours pure love and devotion into his work. I learn about postures, breath work, mantras, philosophy and history of yoga and Bhakti, but more importantly I really felt it, and it felt wonderful! I already knew how to stand on my head and tie myself in knots, what I did not know was how to accept, love, and to trust myself, and that is exactly what Govindas showed me how to do. Through the satsang that was created the walls of separation were chiseled down, and the feeling of oneness and connection to all and to spirit now prevails. Everyday I do japa with the mala beads that Govindas gave to me, and think about how blessed I am to have such a wonderful teacher in my life. Govindas helped me realize that the impossible is possible in my life. I am now moving to Santa Cruz mountains to open a donation studio in the hopes of spreading this sweet nectar that is Bhakti Yoga. I am forever grateful for Govindas and his beautiful wife Radha for all of the gifts they have shared with me and for making the world a better place through Bhakti. Jai Ma! Victory to mother! Om Shanti Shanti Shanti! May there be peace, peace, peace!"
-Amanda Hamilton

The first time that I practiced yoga with Govindas, it was as if I had finally come home. The tears spilled from my eyes as my heart peeled open. At the Bhakti Yoga Shala, Govindas has created an environment that nurtures the individual, providing a safe, calming environment; encouraging total devotion to ones own practice. By way of kirtan, asana, positive affirmations and hugs, Govindas guides his students to find their own path of opening; to discover their personal journey to the heart.

I felt extremely privileged to sit in a circle with Govindas every week for three months. The time we spent together was such a wonderful gift! To be able to sit, breathe, chant, practice asana and discuss the Bhakti path with someone who is truly, actively living it, was an invaluable experience that I will carry with me from here forward.

When the Bhakti Vinyasa Flow course came to completion, I felt excited and ready to begin sharing what I had learned and experienced with the yoga world. In teaching my first class, I was able to use the sequences that Govindas taught to confidently lead my students through their practice. Govindas provided me with the tools to teach what I have been practicing for years. However, it wasn’t about him telling me things I didn’t already know, but instead helping me to realize that the answers are all inside of me. Govindas’ teaching’s showed me that in actuality there is no right or wrong, only your own truth. <
My only question for this great guru now is, “when does part II begin!!???”
With gratitude and admiration,

- Chaska Potter

Govindas's love and knowledge of bhakti tradition and yoga along with his highest standards of ethics have inspired, transformed and empowered my life profoundly. Even though my yogic background is from kundalini lineage, training at Bhakti Yoga Shala has brought my teachings to a whole new level.

Govindas is a grand soul, master yoga teacher, magical bhakti artist and a loving friend. I recommend his training from the bottom of my heart.

- Anita Sarabjeet Condic





Total Cost: $1500
(Price does not include textbooks or classroom materials, which will be approx. $150)

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